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How many times have you seen an issue in your company and maybe you didn’t know how to fix it?  Or maybe you saw it but figured it was just a small issue and I will get to it later.  Well, small issues become big issues if you don’t address them.  And the longer you wait, the bigger they get.  Anyone that has ever owned a business has come up against something they didn’t know how to handle, but how you deal with these issues will define your type of CEO.  Do you want to be the one that waits until it is a much bigger issue that now will take much more time, effort and money to manage; Or, would you like to be an action oriented CEO and tackle things head on as they present themselves?  It can be scary when you come up again problems you don’t immediately have an answer to.  However, if you own your own business, that will happen … it is a guarantee!  If you are not a person that likes a challenge, business ownership/CEO is probably not for you.  Think about it!

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