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Another quote that I love and one that I hope I live up to.  I call myself a leader, but anyone can say that, but actions are what truly determine a leader.  In my profession, I work with many CEOs and business owners from various type of businesses and industries.  And while most think their businesses are unique, there is a core base to business that is the same across most industries.  That is one reason I love what I do.  I am able to bring these business owners together so that they can help one another out with problems, growth strategies or pretty much any other kind of issue you come across in business.  I can’t even tell you how incredibly satisfying it is too see a breakthrough come about during our meetings and then see the success of an idea come to life.  Everyone of these business owners is a leader and I love watching them work.  I learn something new everyday I work with them.  Thank you to all of my leaders!

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