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It always amazes me how many people talk about companies that were an overnight success … Facebook, Twitter, Google, Compaq, Groupon, etc.  It’s almost as if they think they came up with this idea, and then luck kicked in and just made it happen.  And while it can seem that way because one day the company is nothing and you have never heard of it and then the next day it is the hottest thing since sliced bread, I’m sure that every founder of the above mentioned companies would strongly disagree that they are an overnight success.  What you the public is not privy to is the sleepless nights and agonizing decisions that got the company to that point.  Not to mention the years upon years of what went into making that company, before it was even a company.  Ideas can often time take years and even decades to come together in what we like to call “an overnight success” company.  If you asked each one of these founders what it took to get to where they are today … I believe most would give you this list above that the founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, so elegant gave us.  Congratulations overnight success … thank you for sticking it out!

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