August 29, 2016



faded out group meeting with Mastermind Group wording at the bottom

Discover the power of peer consulting.  Imagine the collective wisdom of a room full of fellow business owners working together to find the perfect solution to your challenges/issues.  Our In-Person Mastermind groups include up to twelve like-minded business owners (Virtual groups include up to 7) with hundreds of years of collective wisdom, thousands of experiences and case studies, and many best practices.

Stop trying to grow your business all by yourself.  Find a more natural way to grow by leveraging the knowledge of others.  Aside from the valuable experience of a group of closely-held business owners, you get:

  • A seasoned business owner/executive to lead the group as well as work with you one-on-one on your key issues
  • Quarterly topics from the University of CEO, our proprietary real-world MBA program.  These programs will not only keep you abreast of the latest trends, topics, and technology, but they include an actionable workbook to implement all the information.  After all, an unimplemented idea isn’t worth anything!
  • A chance to grow as a business owner/CEO.  You cannot tie a necktie without a mirror.  Likewise, it is difficult to be the best business owner/CEO you can be without feedback and a sounding board.  A CEO Mastermind group can act as a “mirror” to help you become a highly effective leader.

CEO Focus DFW has groups for start-ups, small and mid-size companies.  We want to work with business owners that are seriously looking to grow and change things in their industry and get to that next level!

If you would like to talk with someone and get a bit more information about Masterminds or learn about some of the scholarship opportunities that exist, click the link below and schedule a call.


We typically find that four things must be present to justify belonging:  1. Commitment; 2. Desire; 3. Humility; and 4. Justify the ROI.  If you are not committed to working on the tough issues facing your business, CEO Focus is not for you. If you do not have a strong desire to do the uncomfortable things that will accompany your commitment, CEO Focus is not for you.  If you do not have the humility to say, “I don’t know all the answers.” as well as the willingness to get outside input, CEO Focus is not for you.  Lastly, you must be able to justify that the cost of membership is less than the gains you will receive.  If the first three are present, the ROI takes care of itself.  Many of our members stay for years.  In fact, we have some that have been in their same groups for 15+ years.  There are even a few that have sold their companies and stayed in their group to inspire their next big idea.  They do this because the cost of CEO Focus comes back in profits many times over.