December 1, 2017


Mastermind Groups for Start-up, Small and Mid-size Companies
In-Person and Virtual Groups available

A Mastermind is a small group of like-minded individuals (industry exclusive) that meet on a monthly basis to support, brainstorm, educate, work through issues/problems, hold one another accountable and strategize for growth.  These groups have proven to be a very effective way for business owners to take their businesses to the next level.  Groups are focused on the individual members and what specifically they need to grow their companies.  Besides the group meeting, you will also meet individually with the group facilitator on a regular basis.  We have groups for businesses in any stage of growth.  CEO Focus DFW now offers virtual groups for those outside the DFW area, or those preferring that type of meeting.  Pricing varies depending on the group, individual meetings and possible scholarships available.  Click on Mastermind Groups above to learn more about how they work.

Price:  $98 – $698 monthly (depending on group)


Want to exit your business but keep your income?  Learn how other business owners are keeping their income using the Half Retirement Plan and working only two half days a week.  Half-Retire doesn’t happen overnight, so get started now.  Click on Half-Retirement above to learn more about the program.

Price:  Varies depending on program option.


Coming in January 2019

Are you CEO of your company … Chief Everything Officer?  If you are a startup or small business owners, I’m guessing you are wearing all the hats in your company.  It’s great to own your own business, but can be lonely.  I’m here to let you know it doesn’t have to be that way.  Thrive is a women’s group that was specifically designed for startups and small business owners where capital can be limited.  It is a membership-based program where each month you have access to a live group coaching session, a live conversation with a business expert willing to share their expertise and answer questions, a business book club discussion, accountability follow-ups, interactive facebook group, and a few other perks.  Get the support and information you need without the price tag breaking the bank.

Price:  $48 monthly

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions – In Person or Virtual

Do you try to win Wimbledon without a coach?  Of course not!  So why would you try and run a business on your own?  As business owners, we often find ourselves alone.  Have you ever been trying to make a decision and just wanted someone to bounce the idea off of?  Or maybe you just need someone that can hold you accountable so you don’t become the bottle-neck of your own company.  If a Mastermind Group doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, a coach may just be your answer to help you move forward in your business.

Price:  I offer a few options for Coaching.

  • One hour Coaching Session … $150.00
  • Pack of 4 One hour Coaching Sessions … $500.00
  • While there are coaching sessions built into most of the Mastermind Groups, if more coaching sessions are wanted/needed, members are given a $50 discount per session (no limit).

Workshops & Roundtables

CEO Focus DFW offers numerous workshops through the year on different topics such as Reboot Your Thinking:  CEO 2.0,  Goal Setting, 51 Fatal Business Errors, Business Model Overhaul, Masters of Business Ownership and many more.  Click here to check out the Events page and see what is coming up soon.

Price:  Varies depending on Workshop.